Being a parent is hard

Being a parent can be so hard, especially when you can’t fix it!

It’s not only in the baby stage, when they can’t tell you what’s going on that it’s tough, and I do have some clients who are currently experiencing this in this early stage of life, with hospital appointments, surgery, feeding challenges, re-admissions to hospital etc.  I’ve been there with one of mine who had 4 operations as a baby / child and further as a teen, so can empathise with those going through this.

It can also happen when they’re older…we’ve had our fair share of it with my children recently, esp after Tom’s motorbike accident last year (were still having ongoing appointments).

This week was no different…what was meant to be a routine checkup for my daughters Bilateral Pan-Uveitis, ended up being a 4hour+ appointment being bounced around different departments within REI.

Unfortunately, her diagnosed eye condition as it is, doesn’t give her any noticeable symptoms, so were none the wiser that it had re-flared, but she has now developed other concerns in her eyes including bilateral swelling, and is being referred to MRI, Plebotomy, Paediatrics, Neuropathy, and her specialist consultant in Bristol.

She can’t be treated for her current flare up until the other tests are done to rule out the potential conditions she may have, so it’s autopilot to Derriford and Bristol again for the next few months until we can get a formal diagnosis and start treatment.

I can’t do anything to make her eyes better, but I can do others things to help her.

As parents of children at ANY age, we can help them…

Remember the role of the birth partner?? Remember holding your partners hand?

Remember the hugs…the oxytocin, the hiding of the adrenaline and emotions you might be building.

Remember listening to their needs?

Remember just being present?

All these things WILL help your babies and children know they’re loved, safe, and YOU’RE present through whatever they’re going through.

But remember YOU need an outlet too, YOU need support. Find someone who you can talk to, to feel loved, safe, listened to.

Take care and whatever we (and our children) are going through, we can do this. We are ALL stronger that we know.

Much love

Photo when she was little (2008)

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