A day in the life of a postnatal doula

Here I am sat supporting a new family in their home as a postnatal doula. 

Dad has gone to bed in the spare room, as they are tag-teaming and mum has left their 2 week old baby with me while she has a little sleep between feeds.

So I’m sat here looking at the wonders of nature. This gorgeous little bundle of beauty is curled up still adopting that foetal position whenever possible. She’s not quite transitioned into the outside world yet so is thriving from cuddles from her carers. She is fast asleep listening to the comforts that she was used to in the womb, the heartbeat (and occasional gurgling of my tummy). 

I’m watching her face, the little screwed up faces she makes as she is dreaming of milk, wind, and those lovely cuddles with her parents. 

Life is so precious, she is so precious. This tiny human being so perfect in every way, her beautiful locks of dark brown hair, her face, her perfect little ears, hands and fingers. 

Isn’t nature and the woman’s body amazing that they can grow such a miracle of life within their body, and give life to this baby when she’s born into the big wide world. 

I’m looking at her while she’s snuggling into me and wondering what she will be like when she’s older, how will life treat her, what career she will do, and in a period of time, will she be sat her like me cuddling her own little bundle of joy. 

Then passing baby back to mum when her feeding cues have started and seeing the love shining through in mums face and eyes when she gazing at the wonderment of her baby, the miniature human being she grew within her body.

I feel honoured to be given this opportunity to be part of this family’s journey into parenthood, to be welcomed into their home and be there when they need me. 

The role of a postnatal doula, isn’t just sitting cuddling new babies, it’s supporting the family, reassuring them, giving them time to themselves for a relaxing bath, meal or hot drink, giving them a break from the sometimes monotonous feeding and changing duties, offering suggestions and strategies to make those early months easier for them.

And what do I get from this…knowing that I’ve made a difference, knowing that I’ve given a family a few hours rest to be themselves, and do what they feel is right in that time.

And don’t get me started on OXYTOCIN. It’s everywhere, floating around each and every room in their home, I can feel the love they have for this bundle as soon as I step in their home. 🥰

A day in the life of a postnatal doula.

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